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Why choose ExecuteNow?

ExecuteNow is a company of seasoned professionals. We have extensive experience in a myriad of industries. We’re guided by our clients’ marketing needs and recognize that behind every market research project is a marketing issue—we speak marketing.

We understand.

Our marketing acumen is matched by our curiosity, attention to detail and our zeal to provide actionable results. At the end of the day, we want to know we’ve contributed in a meaningful way and helped our clients build their business.

We listen.

While we have a host of analytic tools in our arsenal, we utilize these techniques and proprietary methodologies only when they address our clients’ marketing needs – with deep, applicable takeaways such as shopper insights. We don’t believe in bells and whistles for the sake of bells and whistles.

We engage.

One point of contact, an experienced market research professional, through every stage of your project. Our streamlined communication process saves time and allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

We synthesize.

Research is what we execute but marketing is our language.  We provide marketing focused analysis to our clients helping them improve their products and services.

We strategize.

Many clients come to ExecuteNow for our strategic acumen.

Driven by our marketing focused approach and years in the business, we are more than “order takers”. Our value is highlighted when we partner with our clients and strategize on the best solutions to business objectives.


ExecuteNow offers a full range of quantitative research services. As part of your team, we offer in-depth consultation to understand your strategic and tactical goals, helping to craft marketing–not merely research–solutions.

Clients reach out to ExecuteNow for:

  • Package testing

  • Product testing

  • Tracking projects

  • Concept/new product development

  • Usage and attitude work

  • Advertising evaluation

  • Segmentation

  • Claims substantiation

  • Brand Elasticity

  • Eye Tracking

  • Optimal Line Configuration (OLC)


We have strong strategic partnerships with qualitative agencies to meet your research needs. Since our expertise is in providing marketing insights, if you need qualitative work before or after a quantitative project, we try to attend the qualitative research at no cost. Attending affords us the opportunity of learning  your business and becoming better partners with you. This, in turn, yields better and more marketing-focused analysis from us.

We can also deliver qual/quant hybrids: a perfect solution when a “deeper dive” is required versus more traditional, single methodologies.

All services are available in multiple countries as well:

•    In-depth interviews
•    One-on-one interviews
•    On line bulletin boards
•    Shop-alongs
•    Traditional focus groups
•    Domestic and international

•    Ethnographies

Call or email us to discuss how we can help build your brand.

Call: (925) 359-6991   |   Email:

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