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Our extensive international experience enables us to offer express quantitative research in global markets.  This research is projectable, providing you speedy answers to pressing questions.

Global Sprint accelerates product development, enabling marketing to quickly evaluate product ideas in any country.​

  •   Test concepts in any country

  •   Results in just a few days 

Information Collected

Standardized measures including purchase interest, frequency, uniqueness, believability, etc..

Questions can be customized.  Have a specific question or need? Global Sprint can accommodate.

Additional Services

Report results may be analyzed to provide a story of the concept performance.  Reports are written by researchers who have over 30 years research and marketing experience.  Results will be compared to country specific benchmarks.


Volumetric Forecast all measures required for forecasting year 1 trial and   repeat figures are collected in Global Sprint.  If results are promising, a forecast may be requested to validate the opportunity.  (Forecasting model has been validated against performance in over 120 in-market tests in many countries)


Global Sprint pricing is based on the number of concepts evaluated.  Pricing is the same whether all concept tests are conducted in the same country or multiple countries. 

Ad Hoc Pricing

$6,000 per concept

Annual Contract Pricing

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab

Innovation Lab is a proprietary tool that will develop consumer validated new product ideas. It’s fast, flexible, comprehensive and projectable, shortening the time from ideation to viable product. 

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Call or email us to discuss how we can help build your brand.

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