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What product benefits / features will improve sales? 


ExecuteNow Global has extensive experience in conducting product testing and test marketing. Our network of domestic and international partners– many of these partners for over 30 years– reflect our commitment to quality at every stage of every project. 


International product testing requires different sources/ vendors/ approaches than does domestic. We have the experience to conduct product test marketing such as IHUT (in home use tests) to exacting standards worldwide.

How should my product be localized to succeed in global markets?

As any manager of a global brand will attest, localization is extremely important to success.  For food and beverages, there are distinct differences in tastes across countries.  Coca-Cola in Mexico is very different from Coca-Cola in Ireland.

Case Study:

Packaging Work

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 6.05.47 PM.png

ExecuteNow Global diagnostic techniques range from early stage product development and sensory to validating new formulations. The methodologies listed below are available in all markets to help you develop great products. Regardless of the product life stage, ExecuteNow Global has the resources to help you develop product for introduction, diagnose an in-market product issue and reformulate an existing product:

Sensory testing

IHUT / In-home use test

Central location tests (hall tests)

Product quality monitoring

Flavor optimization

Line optimization

Competitive analysis

Product Inventory

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