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How can you keep the innovation pipeline full in global markets? 


ExecuteNow Global’s approach to innovation is strategic, creative and provides paramount attention to your ROI.  At any stage of the innovation process we can help you design and market new products that your customers will love!

You need to launch a new product fast – help!

We can expedite the market research and innovation process without neglecting any important step. Innovation Lab, a proprietary tool will develop consumer validated new product ideas.  It’s fast, flexible, comprehensive and projectable, shortening the time from ideation to viable product. 

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Global Innovation

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Consumer focused innovation drives success. Our approach to all stages of the innovation process originates with the consumer. From identifying white space to validating a new idea, consumer research drives the innovation engine.

Innovative qualitative and quantitative market research each have important roles in creating new products. Some methodologies employed by ExecuteNow Global include:


Concept screening

Concept validating

Consumer segmentation

Tracking research

Choice-based modeling

Advanced analytics

MaxDiff and Discrete Choice

Predictive Analytics

Sales forecasting and volumetrics



In-person qualitative

Online qualitative

Large-scale qualitative

Ethnography (in-person and online)

Unconventional qualitative methods

Immersive techniques



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