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Innovation is the lifeblood of any company. 

ExecuteNow’s approach to innovation is strategic, creative and provides paramount attention to your ROI. Our proprietary approaches to innovation listed below provide go-to-market direction.

Innovation and marketing strategy constitute an interactive process between you, your team and the professionals at ExecuteNow. How do we help you grow your business?

We Listen

 – to you.  As partners in the process, we sit down with you to understand your innovation goals and design a program to meet objectives with laser precision and efficiency.  Our experience has shown that sometimes there are many stakeholders; we listen to each team member to ensure the innovation process addresses every critical concern.


We Ask

 – the right questions.  ExecuteNow’s extensive QUALITATIVE capabilities range from traditional focus groups to online immersive techniques.  QUANTITATIVE research is also wide-ranging and includes both industry best practices and innovative survey techniques designed to keep respondents engaged.

We Validate

 – the critical go / no go decision allowing you to proceed with confidence.  Results are measured against appropriate goal posts: industry norms, category norms, competitors.

We Recommend

 – Drawing on years of marketing strategy, we make insightful recommendations about a product’s market readiness.  These recommendations are based on feedback from the innovation process, layered with our expertise in marketing strategy.

We've developed proprietary approaches to innovation to provide go-to market direction.

1) Innovation Lab: A Two-Day Immersive Workshop That Results In Market-Ready Ideas

The Innovation Lab addresses the need for fast, flexible, comprehensive and projectable research.  It shortens the time from ideation to viable positioning or product. 


Exploratory Focus Group(s)




Deep Dive Focus Group

Screen and Optimize





One to two days of intensive consumer immersion.  This is an immersive experience for your extended marketing team: everyone is “on the same page,” listening to the consumer and collaborating on feedback and next steps.


Adapts to your needs.  

Results range from 

prospective pipeline ideas to fully formed products or services-- or anything in between.


Validated with nationally representative quantitative research.  Results are projectable, including key success metrics.

2) Q2 - Qualitative / Quantitative

Q2 allows you to optimize your qualitative and quantitative learning.  The qualitative insights are conducted in real time during an online survey making the learning focused and relevant.  Based on responses to the quantitative survey respondents are selected for the deep-dive survey.  Results of this innovative methodology are comprehensive, insightful and projectable.


Online Concept Test

Selected Concept Acceptors and/or Rejectors

Qualitative Deep Dive

  • Conducted while concept test is in the field

  • Participants selected based on responses to quant study

Call or email us to discuss how we can help build your brand.

Call: (925) 359-6991   |   Email:

Call or email us to discuss how we can help build your brand.

Call: (925) 359-6991   |   Email:

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