Advanced Analytics

ExecuteNow works with a wide range of analytic tools to enhance the scope of your marketing needs. We have the ability to customize our tools to meet the thorniest of issues, again enhancing the power of research to speak marketing.

Our approach to advanced analytics is that they need to deliver real value to our clients. All of our analytic techniques are driven by business and marketing needs.

These analytic solutions combine statistics and marketing to address the most challenging business issues.  Choice based modeling is used only when it enhances marketing insights, when it furthers our clients’ understanding of the issue and when it provides valuable guidance.

International Analytics

Choice based modeling translates globally. Interpretation of scales can differ wildly from country to country, however, every culture understands the decision making process used in choice modeling.  Additionally, normalizing scale data across multiple markets can be complicated and has the potential to dilute nuances of the results.


Whether its international or domestic, straightforward or out-of-the ordinary, ExecuteNow will consult with you to ensure that the solution helps grow your business and addresses your needs completely.

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